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I will attempt to answer any serious question on substance abuse, including alcohol, illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs.

Experience in the area

As a nurse, I bring a strong background in pharmacology along with a working knowledge of the effects of addiction. I am a believer in 12-step programs, and also medication-controlled programs for certain addictions.


Nursing school with diploma. 20-plus years nursing in general hospitals, med/surg and in later years employed by psychologists who also handled substance abuse problems. I am up-to-date with current treatment options, including medically-supervised programs and 12-steps.

Awards and Honors

Dean's List while in college. I have taken extra pharmacology courses because I enjoy it, and out necessity to stay up-to-date.

Past/Present Clients

I volunteer here on AllExperts in the Pharmacology area and also Medical area, in attempt to offer the questioners a "nurse's perspective", where I've received many and varied questions and problems, including some relating to addictions.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am hoping to continue my education, and possibly someday work as a counselor in substance abuse.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Substance abuse is a treatable disease.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Substance abusers deserve treatment, not jail.

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bud12/07/15101010Thanks Pat. I will prayer for you .....
Everett08/06/15101010I appreciate your feed back. Thanks for .....
simona12/04/141010Thank you for answering questions so well .....
Faith11/28/14101010Thank you for your informative and thorough .....
Jess11/05/14101010Thank you so much for your honesty .....

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Hi Bud, first I want to apologize for the long wait. I have a teenager who is in a long-term care facility, and he has had several bad weeks, which in turn upset us here in the house so. That's a poor

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Everett,  I answered your question a few days ago, then it disappeared into "cyberspace". I suppose sometimes that happens.  Anyway, here is my answer to you:    If smoking cigarettes is something which

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Simona,  Yes of course I recall your question. The answer to this one is, 'yes', you are correct in that allopathic or empirical treatments are effective only when the treatment or medication is used,

2014-11-29 Post-Marijuana problems:

Ally,  I realize you are still awaiting an answer from me, and I do want to help you. I hardly ever turn a questioner away; after all, that's why we have this site. People come to us when they can't get

2014-11-25 please advice:

Simona,  I agree with you, that this is too fast a taper. I also did some research, and I am sending you a link, below, in regards to tapering off antidepressants. Several psychiatrists I have spoken to


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