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I can answer questions about various options that are out there for chronic pain be it alternative or traditional medicine and how these options are available. I am familiar with drugs used to treat chronic pain, but cannot give a doctor's opinion as I am not a doctor. I can answer questions about how to help manage pain and how to function the best you can. & I can answer questions about disability and options there.

Experience in the area

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1994 focusing on chronic pain of various sorts. I too suffer from chronic pain due to two automobile accidents so I know first hand what is available in both alternative medicine and traditional medicine. I have also learned from my clients and colleagues about additional approaches that medicine is making strides with.





Massage Therapy certification & license; BA in Molecular Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience.

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cancer, MS, Parkinson's, automobile accidents, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc.

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2013-01-22 treatment for chronic pain:

Renee-    I'm glad that you and your sister were able to have a conversation about your issues. & even more importantly, I am glad to hear that you recognized neither of you were open to each others suggestions

2013-01-19 treatment for chronic pain:

Renee,    Thank you for trusting me with your difficult questions. I know that both the physical and psychological pains that you are experiencing must be both frustrating and exhausting.    I will try

2012-11-27 shoulder:

Sean,    As you remember I'm not a doctor so there is only so much I can say or advise. I'm glad you're at Mayo getting tests done.     I'm guessing you've asked about getting a MRI done of your shoulder?

2012-09-04 Back and neck:

Sean,    I agree with the approach your doctor is taking. Neck exercises and yoga poses can really help reduce and even eliminate pain. When it comes to bulging discs, some people may not even know they

2012-08-31 Back:

Sean,    I'll get back to your chiropractic question tomorrow.    Two questions for you first. Your spine specialist, is she an orthopedic doctor? A number of orthopedic doctors (and in particular those


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