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Tatiana Zilberter


I'll do my best to answer any question, which can ease your pain. My stronger topics are:
- General pain mechanisms: explanatory answers
- Pain neuroscience you can use
- Pain management without drugs
- Alternative/holistic techniques
- Pain education for self help

Experience in the area

- Research in Mechanical Tactile Stimulation (MTS): pain and stress relief
- Hands-on practice: MTS method


Conseil Infotonic (Infotonic Consultancy) Marseille, France
Intota, ORC International, USA



Zilberter, T. (1996). Another theory available for explaining acupuncture. Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 3(2).

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Zilberter T, Ferry A, Borbon R. Neuro-endocrinology of the skin, brain-skin axis and hormesis as possible mechanisms of therapeutic modalities using mechanical tactile stimulation (MTS). F1000Posters, Integrative Physiology, 2013, 4: 261


Rheims, S., Holmgren, C. D., Chazal, G., Mulder, J., Harkany, T., Zilberter, T., & Zilberter, Y. (2009). GABA action in immature neocortical neurons directly depends on the availability of ketone bodies. Journal of neurochemistry, 110(4), 1330-1338.

Zilberter, Y., Zilberter, T., & Bregestovski, P. (2010). Neuronal activity in vitro and the in vivo reality: the role of energy homeostasis. Trends in pharmacological sciences, 31(9), 394-401.

Zilberter, T. (2011). Carbohydrate-biased control of energy metabolism: the darker side of the selfish brain. Frontiers in Neuroenergetics, 3.

Zilberter, T. (2012).Food addiction and obesity: do macronutrients matter? Frontiers in Neuroenergetics, 4.


PhD in Neurophysiology

Past/Present Clients

Brain Fuels - editor, cotributor
Ageless Brain - editor, contributor
Energy for the Brain - editor

What do you like about this subject?

Pain management from the neuroprotection standpoint. This area experiences something close to breakthrough.

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Hello!    I am sorry for your problem. It's more common than the official medicine is ready to recognize and due to my professional work and affiliation I am ready to suspect that your symptoms and the

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Dear Brian,    I recommend considering the  user-oriented TENS resource as a gudence by professionals un both the gadget and its usage.  

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Hi Bud,    I think that you might have fibromyalgia, which of course doesn't exclude arthritis. I know it's rare in men but still, 10% of them do have clinically confirmed fibromyalgia. It means that you


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