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I can steer you in the right direction for answers to questions about recycling, garbage, the use of certain products and the links to toxins in our environment. I have can help you make your parties, events or gatherings a Green Event. I can suggest ideas to get your friends` neighbors and coworkers interested in recycling.

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I am a member of the United Methodist Women's Green Team. I have done research as a journalist and I receive numerous press releases with names and contact information for you.

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Many items say they are recyclable, but that doesn't do any good if you or the facility doesn't, indeed, recycle them. i.e...the plastics at fast food places.

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Did you know that if you refuse to eat food that is served on Styrofoam or plastic, that you could end up losing weight? This is because it makes you think more before you purchase your food.... you are less likely to go to fast food places AND more likely to pack a lunch before you go.

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