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I've read a good deal on the subject and I can answer a lot of chess history questions (or at least I'll know where to look them up). Also questions regarding analyzing specific positions (although with the advent of powerful chess software, this isn't likely to have the importance it once did).

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I was a national master in the US for a number of years. My peak USCF rating was 2290, and I was ranked in the top 150 in the state of California. My current published rating is 2177.


B.A. Sonoma State University 1984 (English major with Communications emphasis)

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Recent Answers from Tony D'Aloisio

2015-10-01 Magnetic chess boards.:

It doesn't appear to me that there are any regulations specifically banning magnetic sets from FIDE events.  However, FIDE does provide a whole host of guidelines for pieces, boards, etc., and it doesn't

2014-12-26 bs ing the king:

Hi--    Well, I would have to see the position to know exactly what the situation was.  But it sounds to me like you probably gave up a bishop for inadequate compensation.  However, no move, whether strong

2013-10-15 Chess Rules.:

From the FIDE (International Chess Federation) Laws of Chess:    "4.5 If none of the pieces touched can be moved or captured, the player may make any legal   move."    I assume though that if the player

2013-07-31 Chess Boards Design with Different Contrasting Colors.:

Well, of course I can't speak for grandmasters... :)  But in my case at any rate, yes such alternate color schemes would cause pronounced discomfort.  Not due to their unfamiliarity, but simply because

2012-11-29 How to I deal with dip in form:

Well, I can't really answer such a question.  All I can do is give you my opinion.  I'd say you are overtraining.  Also, people simply get tired of chess after a while; I know I do.  If you try to forcefeed


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