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Dr. Mark McDonald,PT,DPT,OCS

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I welcome questions about axial (spine) and appendicular (extremity) sports injury. I am open to any question and will let you know if I cannot answer it.

Experience in the area

20 Years as a sports and orthopedic physical therapist working with patients in my eight PT practices in Northeastern Colorado, as well as a volunteer covering training rooms in Colorado.




Published in the Journal Biomechanics about a device I invented for diabetic Neuropathic Golfers. Published weekly in the South Platte Sentinel,Sterling CO, about various topics since 1990.


BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado 1988, At least 5 credit hours per year continuing ed in orthopedics/sports injury, Level II NAIOMT accredited as a manual therapist (orthopedics), Board certified by the APTA as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Doctorate of Physical Therapy Creighton University 1996. Owner of McDonald Physical Therapy and SportsMedicine Centers in Colorado since 1990. I am a clinical instructor for students from the University of Colorado and Regis University as well as The University of Arizona

Awards and Honors

Pathfinder Award, Northeastern Junior College, Sterling CO 2005. Eight consecutive years voted "Best Physical Therapy Clinic" in Sterling CO, by the community's vote.

Past/Present Clients

12-14 patients/day for the past 20 years..confidential info per HIPPA regulation.

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Recent Answers from Dr. Mark McDonald,PT,DPT,OCS

2015-12-31 Knee injury:

Hi, There is very little scientific evidence that braces do anything to support the knee, therefore, it would be wise to avoid anything which provokes pain (i.e. wearing it). I would personally recommend

2013-01-09 Hip pain from squating:

Hi, It sounds as though you have strained the adductor muscles of your thigh (groin). The best solution is to switch to a less forceful activity, wrap with compression shorts or a 6 inch ace wrap and try

2012-06-24 Calf pain after elliptical use:

Nancy, what you describe is very difficult to speculate on over the net, and I dont wish to mislead you, but I would consider investigating an exercise induced compartment syndrome though this should happen

2012-06-22 Tingly Toes:

Scot, as a PT I have seen tingly toes for nearly  dozens of reasons which you will need to rule out...Low B12 levels, Lumbar disc protrusions, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Mortons Neuroma, and other causes

2012-06-22 Physical therapy for accessory soleus muscle strain:

Sheryl...sorry so late I am just now returning from Australia all month. I agree that a specific PT for athletes would be best,as is is too specific to guess over the net and I wouldnt want to give poor


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