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I can help you with general questions about Belgium or the langauge(s).

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I have been living in Belgium since I was born... Studied here too and work here.


I have 2 masters degree, but they are not related to this "field".

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Dan06/19/16101010Extremely thorough and helpful. All tops.

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2016-06-13 Belg~ / Bulg~ (ancient history) (2):

Hello Dan,    so here is a (short) explanation. I am not a history expert so it might be good to verify some stuff or to read up.  One of the main problems is actually that there is still some debate going

2016-06-10 Belg~ / Bulg~ (ancient history):

Hello Dan,    ok I figured you did not, but you never know for sure!    I'll do my best to send you a good answer to your question, however because I have to translate it and put some information together

2016-06-09 Belg~ / Bulg~ (ancient history):

Hello Dan,    I am not sure I understand your question.    Anyway: it is Flemish.    For the second part: not sure I get you. You want me to give you some words that contain "belg"  ? Or you want me to

2016-05-06 Capital Resources:

Hallo Ana,  That is not an easy question.    We are not really "producers" like some other countries that produce (e.g.) lots of rice or corn or...    Our number 1 in terms of "a product" is actually knowledge!


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