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I can answer questions about both vertebrate and invertebrate zoology. I am an expert in animal behavior, especially birds.

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I have taught for over 50 years. I teach college biology courses and I have led tours to the Galapagos Islands and the Belize rain forest

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Recent Answers from Walter Hintz

2017-01-05 Do snails have color vision?:

Hi Ghgghf     It is interesting that a 7th grade student from California won an award at the state fair  in 2004  by conducting an experiment to test this. His study showed the Garden snails could detect

2016-11-17 Food Chains/Webs:

Hi Keyur   Three good questions  1.The relationships to any species are intertwined so all creatures with a relationship to an animal that disappears from a food web are affected. For example say that

2016-10-01 The question I asked was clearly about animal behaviour which you say you are an expert it:

Ok Tao   Zoology is a complex science and statistical questions about animals is just a small part of it. Nobody knows everything. When I get a question that I cannot answer I honestly reply that I cannot

2016-09-19 dominance:

Hi Adam   Once we ask a "Why" question in Biology we are in the realm of Evolutionary biology. If the behavior of these animals is a part of their DNA then our only answer is that the behavior is the result

2016-09-02 Mating behavior.:

It sure does Adam. And it appears that our hormones have a lot to do with it. It seems that each sex is searching for a mate. The factors involved in making a selection are mostly physical. It is said


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