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BSEE, MBA, Design, R&D, University Research.
Senior Life Member of IEEE. Life Fellow of AES.


IEEE, Consumer Electronics Society, Audio Engineering Society.
Broad teaching experience; work experience mostly in consumer electronics and conversion from analog to digital technologies. Pioneer in digital audio at all levels.


BSEE (Equiv) BYU BSEE University of North Dakota MSBA (MBA) Illinois State University Graduate Studies in Computer Science - Bradley University Graduate Studies - Ohio University Graduate Studies - University of Missouri Kansas City DeVry Tech - Electronics

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2017-01-18 CCTV System installation in Tunnels.:

Yes, it is feasible.      In Japan, and perhaps in other countries, they have such systems on the public trains.  Especially with the bullet trains that run between Tokyo and other Japanese cities.   

2017-01-13 Petrol Pumps stations with Basement.:

In most advanced countries of the world petrol tanks are required to be underground and then the fuel is pumped to the dispensers at ground level. This would be equivalent to having the tanks in the basement

2017-01-13 Resistor value.:

1. Historically it was not possible but with modern printing technology it may be possible. However the cost of doing so may be prohibitive.    2. That high resistive value is too high for practice because

2017-01-11 Breadboard design layout.:

Yes many plugs and jacks are designed to be used on boards.  Akso pigtail6leads can be brought out for external connections.    Some prototype boards are designed with pin connections to fit a jig for

2016-12-16 Double Decker Commercial Aircraft Design.:

Maybe you are speaking about the B747which has an upper passenger deck.l believe there are other aircraft in existence with double decks.    Hope this helps you.  PS:I am away from the office now but you


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