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All technical areas of Electronics Engineering.

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BSEE, MBA, Design, R&D, University Research.
Senior Life Member of IEEE. Life Fellow of AES.


IEEE, Consumer Electronics Society, Audio Engineering Society.
Broad teaching experience; work experience mostly in consumer electronics and conversion from analog to digital technologies. Pioneer in digital audio at all levels.


BSEE (Equiv) BYU BSEE University of North Dakota MSBA (MBA) Illinois State University Graduate Studies in Computer Science - Bradley University Graduate Studies - Ohio University Graduate Studies - University of Missouri Kansas City DeVry Tech - Electronics

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2017-02-26 Advanced Scientific Calculator App.:

There are many scientific apps available on both google-play and i-tunes stores.  They come in various levels of scientific functions and some are meant to duplicate the pocket scientific calculators by

2017-02-13 Electrical devices support for Dual input voltages.:

Yes, but cost and implementation would overly expand the internal components of the product.    Practically speaking the answer is a resounding "NO" not feasible.    Some may be easier than others.  TV

2017-02-13 Electrical devices support for Dual input voltages.:

Yes and no.  There are many laptops and small devices which have such universal power supplies.    But for higher power devices it is much more difficult and costly to employ. Especially if an electric

2017-02-12 Mathematical constants with units.:

I am not an expert in this field.    My opinion is that some constants do have units and some donot. Pi for example is a ratio of diameter, area and circumference in geometry of circles.    There are too

2017-01-31 Seats location in Commercial airlines.:

Seating on commercial airlines are determined by the carrier management and it reflects on the optimization of the space available and the number of passengers that can be accommodated.  The configuration


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