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All technical areas of Electronics Engineering.

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BSEE, MBA, Design, R&D, University Research.
Senior Life Member of IEEE. Life Fellow of AES.


IEEE, Consumer Electronics Society, Audio Engineering Society.
Broad teaching experience; work experience mostly in consumer electronics and conversion from analog to digital technologies. Pioneer in digital audio at all levels.


BSEE (Equiv) BYU BSEE University of North Dakota MSBA (MBA) Illinois State University Graduate Studies in Computer Science - Bradley University Graduate Studies - Ohio University Graduate Studies - University of Missouri Kansas City DeVry Tech - Electronics

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Eddie09/30/16101010Thanks Cleggsan. Always highly appreciated!
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2016-10-11 work as electrical engineering in Europe ( like Germany ):

I know little about the German market for Electrical Engineers.      HOwever, I am certain there are many possible job offers if you know where and how to look for them.    I would suggest you do some

2016-09-30 Transformer design for maximum power transfer:

Fourier analysis is the mathematical method used in describing the frequency domain of square wave or pulsed waves.  When you feed a square wave or pulse into an RLC (resistive, inductive, capacitive)

2016-09-29 Transformer design for maximum power transfer:

I suppose you have learned by now that transformers and magnetic circuits are more art than science.  Metal cores are always more efficient than solid metal because they have lower in-metal induced heating

2016-09-26 Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

There is no reason for the failure of the motor or the components upon loss of power.  The motor merely costs down to stop and stays dormant until power is again  applied.  They are simple motors with

2016-09-25 Protection circuit for electrical machines.:

Not sure I understand your question.      Seems you are talking about household major appliances which use electric motors inside.  Sudden breakage of the power suggests you are talking about a sudden


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