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Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi


I can answer questions in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Project Management and Project Control topics!

Experience in the area

I am experienced in the area of earthquake engineering in electrical power industry, i.e. Lifeline Earthquake Engineering. My focus has been on structural seismic design of power installations. Recently I have got involved in project management in the category of constructional engineering.


Sinam Consulting Engineers Co.


Bs degree in Civil Engineering from Ferdowsi University ,1988, Mashhad Iran, Ms degree in Earthquake Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 1993, Tehran, Iran

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Sadath10/03/16101010Thank you sir for your answer
sayali09/06/16101010Thank you sir.

Recent Answers from Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi

2016-10-01 Moment of Resistance of shear wall:

Dear Selvaraj    I cant understand that the neutral axis lies outside of the section unless you look a combination of moment and axil load so that all stresses on the section have the same sign ( all compression

2016-08-31 test piles:

Dear Nords    I havent had experineces in this field. I cant imagine why you practice the prestressing in piles because I suppose a symmetric behaviour and model for a pile which cant have something to

2016-08-29 calculation of Torsional Irregularity Factors Ax:

Dear Azhar    The results of static and modal are different but their effect on eccentrencity shall not be because of the same eccentrencity of stiffness and mass centers which are the same for both method

2016-08-07 calculation of Torsional Irregularity Factors Ax:

Dear Azkar khan  There is no evidency about this matter but as a matter of fact there is no real difference between the results. But it is obvious that to move to more sophisticated methods need to control

2016-07-11 Mechanics of solids:

Dear Sajeeth    All tracks are due to tension, either pure tension or shear based tension then all cracks are like eachother but somothing different in various stress based cracks is the angle of cracking


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