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Babak Esmailzadeh Hakimi


I can answer questions in Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Project Management and Project Control topics!

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I am experienced in the area of earthquake engineering in electrical power industry, i.e. Lifeline Earthquake Engineering. My focus has been on structural seismic design of power installations. Recently I have got involved in project management in the category of constructional engineering.


Sinam Consulting Engineers Co.


Bs degree in Civil Engineering from Ferdowsi University ,1988, Mashhad Iran, Ms degree in Earthquake Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 1993, Tehran, Iran

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amr02/12/17101010Thank you alot . I have searched alot .....

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2017-02-14 dynamic analysis:

Dear Amr    Your question is so short but it requires a long answer which is not within the abilities of this site.  For a dynamic time history analysis you need to select a number of accelerogram conforming

2017-02-12 dynamic analysis:

Dear Amr    It is obvious that you should follow a code of practice and you cant do a dynamic analysis using my general comments. However for a dynamic analysis you need to select a number of accelerogram

2017-02-12 accidental torsional effect ( Ax ):

Dear Amr    Ax will describe the torsional irregularities in your structure which in turn will specify your category of design. You can arrange your structural members to reach to a minimum eccentrencity

2017-02-12 dynamic analysis:

Dear Amr    Dynamic analysis is used to make clear some aspects of seismic behaviour of non ordinary structures. You should always perform a static analysis to make a global estimation of the behaviour

2017-02-12 p-delta:

Dear Amr    What is the p-delta effect? It is the instability of the structure due to lateral deformation of the structure and lack of elastic strength of the structure to move back the skeleton due to


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