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I can answer questions related to design and analysis of structures. I have experience in design and detailing of concrete and steel structures. I can answer your queries related to practical difficulties in design and construction. I also have several years of experience in seismic design and retrofitting.

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I have been working in the Area of structural design and seismic engineering. Presently I am a consulting structural engineer in Saskatchewan, Canada. You can ask questions related to Industrial and Building structures. Education: Masters in Structural Engineering Publications: More than 14 publications in reputed journals and conference proceedings related to structural engineering.

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Brenda05/10/08101010Thanks just what i needed
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scott fleming02/08/08101010excellent,i love the question .....
ali10/08/0710actually gud aswering.

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2011-01-01 bridges:

Hi,    It's always been a dream of civil engineers to make bridges more efficient and smart. Making longer span bridges are one of them.    In reality, because of gravity,  bridges needs to be supported

2008-05-07 pad foundation:

Hi Ain,    Here are the steps    1. Read the drawing and get the dimensions of the footing.  2. Excavate and prepare the surface as per the drawings, e.g. you may be required to compact the soil.  3. Put

2008-02-07 regarding bending moment:

Hi Siva,    To understand the bending moment it is best to draw it and write the equation for it. For uniformly loaded beam the equation for moment at any point is wx2/2  where x is the distance from the

2008-02-05 civil engineering:

Hi J,    Civil engineering is a very vast area e.g. it has structures, highways, Foundations, hydrological structures, irrigation and so own. These areas inall covers all basic area of the math.    But

2008-02-03 effect of fire on aluminum frame:

Hello Scott,    Due to liability issues I can not fully answer your question in this forum, but can give you an idea about it. As you have explained about the heating and warping of aluminum section, there


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