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Steve Johnson

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returns 12/10/2016

I would be delighted to help with questions up through the first year of college Physics. Particularly Electricity, Electronics and Newtonian Mechanics (motion, acceleration etc.). I decline questions on relativity and Atomic Physics. I also could discuss the Space Shuttle and space flight in general.

Experience in the area

I have a BS in Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering. I am retired now. My professional career was in Electrical Engineering with considerable time spent working with accelerometers, gyroscopes and flight dynamics (Physics related topics) while working on the Space Shuttle. I gave formal classroom lessons to technical co-workers periodically over a several year period.


BS Physics, North Dakota State University
MS Electrical Engineering, North Dakota State University

What do you like about this subject?

I went into Physics because it was the first material I both liked and understood in high school. I did well in my first year of college Physics, but the later years required higher math than my comfort level so after earning my BS degree in Physics, I switched into Engineering for my MS degree.

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