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I will try and answer questions on any topic. I will not answer homework problems.

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I have taught undergraduate laboratory classes while in graduate school.


Ph.D in Physics

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Prashant S Akerkar01/03/14101010Dear Palash Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
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chanuka01/07/08101010thanks for the practical suggestions

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2015-01-03 hitting energy:

Terry,    Your question is not clear.    Your body should be able to tolerate eating small quantities of wood pieces. If particle is small and fragile, then its likelihood of getting stuck in the skin

2014-01-01 Aeroplane + Helicopter Integrated Electro Mechanical Machine:

Prashant,    Iam sure it can be done. In fact, people are already building one. see link below

2012-10-31 Calculating magnetic field strength in realtion to distance:

Eddie,    The formula for the magnetic field which says that it falls off as 1/R3 assumes that the point at which you want to calculate the field is reasonably far away from the origin. Since the distance

2011-12-25 I think i emit high levels of radiation:

Jones,    Probably not. Its probably got more to do with how you touch the screen than anything else. If you were emitting high doses of radiation (actually every person emits radiation see this link https://hps

2010-12-22 Magnet strength:

Wouter,    There might be a software which may be able to calculate precisely in real time what the actual pull of a magnet will be but unfortunately i dont know of one.     I did find 2 sites which may


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