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Michael Goff

United Arab Emirates

I have over 20 years experience in Hydrogeology, I can answer questions about water resource development, well construction and testing, artificial recharge and general groundwater topics.

Experience in the area

I have worked as a consultant in Florida and California, I have worked for the water utility in Las Vegas, NV and am now working as a consultant in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have designed, constructed and tested numerous production and artificial recharge wells and managed the largest direct injection AR program in the US.


Bachelor of Science Degree - Geology - Western Michigan University, 1986

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Bobby05/08/16101010cool, thanks
Prashant S Akerkar08/17/15101010Dear Michael Thanks. Thanks & Regards, Prashant .....

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2016-09-22 Hydrogeology:

Hello Wasim    There are many resources out now - especially thanks to the internet. Here is one from the USGS you can download for free. Don't worry too much if they are older publications, a lot has

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Hi Faisal  Thanks for writing. It sounds like an interesting project.     I am not a soils scientist so am not sure about creating new top soil with compost but it seems a good approach if you get the

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Hello Tlimes    Looks like a nice find - I cannot tell from the photo - maybe lead? If it is pure metal you can check the specific gravity against a table.

2015-10-20 geology:

Hello Zeeshan    Thanks for writing.     Unfortunately, I will not be of much help - I am not familiar with the geology of this area. You may try your University professors or local experts in mining and


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