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All questions related to Geology, Geotechnical Engineering (especially in-situ stress, in-situ Deformability and Shear investigations) required for underground tunnels and excavations, Dimensional Stone Mining. Can't answer Soil dynamics related to Geotechnical Engineering

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Geology and Geotechnical Engineering and Dimensional Stone Mining


National Institute of Rock Mechanics (Govt of India)


International Journal of Mining Engineering and some other Indian journals


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Recent Answers from Dr D S Subrahmanyam

2016-09-08 Mineral:

Dear Erika,  the picture is not clear. The specimen may be Garnetiferous quartzo feldspathic Gneiss. The purple color mineral must be Garnet.,  Mica flakes are visible. Remaining portions of the specimen

2016-07-23 Density:

Dear Johnny, Fraternal Greetings!    As you said the meaning of the density is the Weight (mass) per unit of volume used as a measure of the compactness of a substance. More vaguely the degree of compactness

2016-04-20 Indus Shelf:

Dear Faisal Memon, Good morning and Fraternal Greetings!    The details of Indus Shelf with reference to its tectonic setting is still unexplored, but the details of its origin and present day activities

2016-03-31 career 2016:

Dear Sir, Fraternal Greetings!    The fields of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology are closely related, and have large areas of overlap. However, the field of geotechnical engineering is

2016-03-09 Hi:

Hi Ela, Good morning! and Fraternal Greetings!      It is difficult to know the exact mineral with naked eye unless it is tested for certain physical properties like colour, streak, lustre, Hardness and


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