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I would love to answer questions related to petrophysics which includes conventional as well as unconventional reservoirs. I will avoid answering NMR, CMR and acoustic processing techniques as these are not my area of experties.

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Petrophysics and source rock maturity modelling are the fields of great interest. Petrophysics includes, experience in single and multi-well interpretation including thin-beds, carbonates, complex mineral reservoirs, LRLC pay reservoirs, Shale Gas plays. Logging program creation. Operations support. Core analysis. Mud log analysis. Geomechanical data integration for well stability, placement, and completion type.


Saif Energy Limited


Msc Geology 2006

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Haider08/25/16101010Thanks alot Sir. Your guidance means alot .....
thomas01/05/16101010Am more than grateful for the direction .....
Atif Ismail11/30/1510Thanks a lot

Recent Answers from Syed Anjum Shah

2016-08-24 Research areas for shale gas:

Haider,     Thanks for asking an interesting question! Although, not a lot has been published in Pakistan regarding shale gas yet i assure you that the oil and gas exploration companies have done quite

2016-01-05 becoming a petrophysicist:

Thomas,    Thanks for asking the question. The best approach will be to try to interpret the well logs with simple Archie approach and start moving from simple to complex reservoirs. I think a technical

2015-12-29 Petrophysics:

Below are the references of the papers you requested,     Clavier, C., Coates, G., and Dumanoir, J. 1984. Theoretical and Experimental Bases for the Dual-Water Model for Interpretation of Shaly Sands.

2015-12-27 Petrophysics:

Hi Nisar,    Thanks for putting through an interesting question.     Archie assumed that a rock is a perfect insulator and the only medium which conducts electricity is the brine present in the rock. He

2015-11-25 Permeability-Porosity-Wireline:

Hi Atif,    For irreducible water saturation you should ideally have a core but if you don't have core Swirr then you can calculate it by, SWirr = 1(((C**2)*(PERM**1/2))/((100*PHIE)**2))+1. Usually you


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