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I can answer questions concerning physical and historical geology, environmental geology/hydrology, environmental consulting, remote sensing/aerial photo interpretation, G&G computer applications, petroleum exploration, drilling, geochemistry, geochemical and microbiological prospecting, 3D reservoir modeling, computer mapping and drilling.I am not a geophysicist.

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I have 24 years experience split between the petroleum and environmental industries. I have served as an expert witness in remote sensing, developmental geologist, exploration geologist, enviromental project manager, and subject matter expert in geology and geophysical software development.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists
American Association of Photogrammetrists and Remote Sensing


Bachelor and Master of Science
Registered Geologist in State of Texas

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2016-11-21 Well log interpretation:

On a standard log track, GR deflects to the right, it increases when it encounters a shale due to higher radioactivity.    An SP log will kick to the left, or decrease, because the shale does not have

2016-11-13 Well log interpretation:

 Yes, the gamma and SP logs can be used to mark lithology.    The gamma ray passively senses radioactivity and a high response is indicative of shale rock.    A low GR response is indicative of Sandstone

2016-11-08 geology:

Recharge protection is one method that is practiced in the US in critical recharge areas. You have to apply for a permit which requires an investigation to assess the impact on recharge of the aquifer

2016-11-08 geology:

 Sounds like you are making it hard on yourself, doing hydrology in a drought prone area.    Using RS and GIS you could look at the precipitation that falls during the annual cycle, and the resulting

2016-10-23 Black petrified vertebrate:

There is usually a pretty good market for fossils. This fossil is probably Pleistocene in age, that means it could be up to 2.58 million years old to 11,700 years.    At the time of peak ice, the continental


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