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I have been traveling almost annually in England or Scotland as a tourist for the last 25 years, so I know quite a bit about train travel, car rental, B&Bs, tourist discounts, standard tourist sites, good places to eat, pubs, prices, and things to do off

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2013-11-05 heathrow transport:

The cheapest trip from Heathrow to Gatwick is a National Express bus.  However, you would then have to get to your hotel.  Just an ordinary black taxi could be your best bet, but I would probably contact

2012-12-18 3 week trip July 2013 England, Scotland:

  If an American-style dry martini is what you want at the end of a charming English day, here are some suggestions.  Use a good guidebook and the internet to see what tourist sites you want and to check

2011-11-26 our base at Bath, Bristol:

Please get a good map of England so you can have it to refer to.  In addition to the counties of Somerset and Devon to the south of Bath and Bristol, there is the coastal county of Cornwall which is great

2011-11-11 england/paris/ amsterdam:

Your question indicates that you have nine nights to spend in Europe, and want to spend three nights in each of London, Paris, and Switzerland or Amsterdam.    That is trying to do a lot in just a few

2011-10-26 Backpacking and Performing:

Here is how you will get the info you need.  The key word is "busker".    Street musicians are called "buskers".  Check out how to be a busker in London or Paris or wherever. Some places like London require


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