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Astronomy and telescope making. Have made at least seven telescopes, both refractors and reflectors, and have spent 30 years looking at the nighttime sky.

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James03/26/17101010That's depressing. I wish anything I owned .....
Prashant S Akerkar 09/01/16101010Dear Paul Thanks. Prashant

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2017-03-27 Fair Market Value:

Hi James    It was Sir Isaac Newton who first came up with this idea.  Instead of using a lens, he used a concave mirror that collected light and brought it to a focus---like a shaving mirror.  Just about

2017-03-26 Fair Market Value:

Hi James    Most amateur telescope makers choose to make reflecting telescopes, using mirrors rather than lenses.  The process is the same:  you grind the glass to shape using varying sizes of grit, then

2017-03-26 Fair Market Value:

Hi James    This is not an easy question to answer. You are correct, that there are few moving parts and little wear and tear on most telescopes--so you'd think they would have a high resale value.  But

2017-02-19 Telescopes:

Hi James    The views you get from a telescope depend on two things:. Light gathering (how big the lens or mirror is) and magnification.  If you want to see details on the planets, the best ones to look

2016-08-31 Rain in other planets.:

Hi Prashant    There certainly is!  Astronomers suggest that there are frequent rainstorms on Venus (albeit with sulfuric acid laced liquid, rather than water) and there is clear evidence of rain in ages


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