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Ethics, Existentialism and Phenomenology, Continental Metaphysics

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Recent Answers from Steven R. Storch

2016-12-20 Robocop and Frankenstein:

There is no legitimate logical process that fits your description.  However there are a host of informal fallacies that might fit the bill:    1. Equivocation: using a term in more than one sense.  Clever

2016-11-10 Is morality a human invention or do we all have somewhat of a built in moral compass:

Great question.  Some philosophers, like the early Sophists in ancient Greece through the modern era with David Hume, and to a great extent, have argued that most human knowledge is learned from experience

2016-11-05 truth:

Excellent question Adam.    Science does have truth as its goal, as do most human endeavors.  The scientific method makes use of a fundamental truth or principle of logic, namely that no false proposition

2016-10-02 relativism:

Moral Relativism has been around for thousands of years, with the Sophists in ancient Greece being among the first to espouse it as a principle.    The basic tenets are that there are no absolute moral

2016-09-19 methods of argumentation and refutation:

What you are asking for is a critical thinking tool set that can only be provided by a general introduction to logic.  Give Patrick Hurley's: A Concise Introduction to Logic a try.  Plenty of used copies


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