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Alan08/21/13101010Thank you I'll look for the book
James10/07/07101010Thank you. :)

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2015-02-17 indian philosopy:

Dear Sam,    The proper term for spiritual monism is non-dualism or Advaita, which posits one reality and the existence of no other entity. So, there is no duality or dvaita, so non-dual or A-dvaita.

2014-12-19 Favorite novel.:

Dear Prashant,    What is best for one person may not be so for the other. That is the essence of aesthetics that it varies with perception and perceiver. So, your question cannot be answered. To answer

2013-11-29 the future/purpose of existence:

Dear Harry,    Nothing can come out of nothing. That is illogical. The universe evolves and involves. If the universe is evolving now, it will in a cyclical manner, involve and this goes on forever. So

2013-10-12 what is beauty in plato's symposium?:

Dear Hunter,    Since this question is a very much debated one and there are many books and papers on this issue, I will put it simply, even at the risk of reductionism, that 'beauty' in Plato's symposium

2013-06-11 Question on eternity:

Dear Pelly,    Namaste.    In such a situation I would think of the true nature of my Self which is not the body and the mind and is free from any external disturbances. I will contemplate on the glory


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