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All the conceptual questions, pure math & basic stats alike I am good at answering your algebra (including logarithm, functions, trigonometry) and geometry questions. I can also provide to you a firm understanding into basic calculus and other mathematical ideas and concepts. You can either ask questions in English or Chinese. Physics Qns that require rigorous math are also welcomed Important:Please avoid asking me questions related to economics.After all, I am only a secondary school student

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A lot of participation in Math Olympiad Competition with numerous awards (Not always gold, though) CMO Gold, SMO Silver, SPhO Gold


So far, nothing.

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Exactness..No exceptions in its definition..Intricate but intriguing solutions to problems

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Anything related to my future ambitions..

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Even math has assumptions

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Recent Answers from Chen Min

2015-01-05 Help:    To get inflexion point, differentiate your function twice and check when it is zero    becos: first derivative shows whether it's

2015-01-05 Mathematics Question:

The question asking for a slope, which is supposed to be dy/dx (and not dx/dy)    (in fact it is arbitrary to take x as independent variable and y the dependent, for example y = 2x + 1 can be rewritten

2011-03-15 Volume of a Cone:

Firstly, you get the arc length corresponding to the sector cut out: R(theta)  It's the circumference of the cone's base: so 2(pi)r=R(theta), r = R(theta)/2(pi), where r is the radius of the cone's base

2011-02-17 Finding the Point of Diminishing Return:

I wonder who gave you this question. It is clearly not solvable to me.    If you treat the two variables' relation as a function (shown as a curve in your axis), the PODR is at the point where dy/dx is

2011-02-16 Incomplete Calculation:

I don't quite understand your question.    If either y or z is replaced by a number, then there will be only one unknown (variable), and the equation will be solvable, and most likely has a single unique


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