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I can provide good answers to questions dealing in almost all of mathematics especially from A`Level downwards. I can as well help a good deal in Physics with most emphasis directed towards mechanics.

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Aspiring theoretical physicist. I have been doing maths and physics all my life.


I teach mathematics and engineering physics.

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K.F.03/23/17101010Thanks for the follow-up reply!
K.F.03/20/17101010Thank for the reply and information!
Prashant S Akerkar 03/20/17101010 
Ndawana Blessing07/04/16101010Well explained. Thank you so much.

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2017-03-23 Rates:

Hi  Yes, it could.  For instance, while ($35.95/1 year)/$1000 means the same as ($35.95/$1000)/1 year, changing the placement of the parentheses gives $35.95/(1 year/$1000) and $35.95/($1000/1 year) respectively

2017-03-20 Rates:

Hello,  You can interpret $35.95 per year per $1000 as being $35.95 for every $1000 for every year. Arithmetically, you can replace 'per' with the division symbol as in the second expression in your question

2017-03-19 Largest Hypothenuse integer value in Pythagoras theorem.:

Hi Prashant,  Suppose a + b = c for some integers a,b,c. If we multiplied by n, for an integer n, then we have  na + nb = nc  or  (na) + (nb) = (nc)  You can see that if c is an integral hypothenuse

2016-07-04 A level Maths. remainder theorem:

Hi Ndawana,  From the information provided about the remainders when f(x) is divided by each of x-3 and 2x-1, we know that f(3) = -9 and f(1/2) = -6.  Since the product (x-3)(2x-1) is quadratic then the

2016-04-19 Relations( concerning sets):

Hi AB,    The modulus of a complex number z = a + bi is given by the positive value of  |z| = √(a + b)    So, for x = 2 + 3i  |x| = √(2 + 3) = √13  which is not the same as 13, and


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