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I can provide good answers to questions dealing in almost all of mathematics especially from A`Level downwards. I can as well help a good deal in Physics with most emphasis directed towards mechanics.

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Aspiring theoretical physicist. I have been doing maths and physics all my life.


I teach mathematics and engineering physics.

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Ndawana Blessing07/04/16101010Well explained. Thank you so much.
Kenneth02/03/16101010Thanks for the reply and information!
Kenneth11/26/15101010Thanks for the follow-up reply!
Kenneth11/25/15101010Thanks for the reply and explanation!

Recent Answers from Ahmed Salami

2016-07-04 A level Maths. remainder theorem:

Hi Ndawana,  From the information provided about the remainders when f(x) is divided by each of x-3 and 2x-1, we know that f(3) = -9 and f(1/2) = -6.  Since the product (x-3)(2x-1) is quadratic then the

2016-04-19 Relations( concerning sets):

Hi AB,    The modulus of a complex number z = a + bi is given by the positive value of  |z| = √(a + b)    So, for x = 2 + 3i  |x| = √(2 + 3) = √13  which is not the same as 13, and

2016-03-19 help:

Hello Apsara,  The first thing you need to know about percentages is that they are just a way of comparing two quantities to each other. So, 60% of 180 is just a number such that if you compare the size

2016-01-29 Unit Rate:

Hi Kenneth,  Yes, the inverse relationship means that you can't divide in that sense. In this case, the number of pipes multiplied by the time it takes to drain the tank is a constant, assuming pipes of

2015-11-25 Compound Proportions:

Hi Kenneth,  In cases like this it would be unlikely that all the quantities would be directly proportional, but it would be correct to perform appropriately similar operations on those that are directly


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