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Paul Klarreich

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I can answer questions in basic to advanced algebra (theory of equations, complex numbers), precalculus (functions, graphs, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions and identities), basic probability, and finite mathematics, including mathematical induction. I can also try (but not guarantee) to answer questions on Abstract Algebra -- groups, rings, etc. and Analysis -- sequences, limits, continuity. I won't understand specialized engineering or business jargon.

Experience in the area

I taught at a two-year college for 25 years, including all subjects from algebra to third-semester calculus.



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2016-09-21 Combinations:

Questioner:JohnnyX   Country:Norway   Category:Advanced Math   Private:No   Subject:Basic Probability     Question:  I am learning basic probability. Please help me solve the following probability problem

2016-08-29 Trigonometry:

Questioner:adelefair   Country:New Jersey, United States   Category:Advanced Math   Private:No   Subject: algebra II     Question:  Find the exact value of the sine, cosine, and tangent of 210.     

2016-08-11 Please help give some comment:

I am afraid this 'note' is simply incoherent rambling from someone who has nothing to say but loves to scribble.    When you choose to read a mathematics paper you are already an expert in the field of

2016-07-20 Symbolic logic and Venn diagrams.:

Questioner:Apoorv   Country:India   Category:Advanced Math   Private:Yes  --- CORRECTED.   Subject: Symbolic logic.     Question:  I want to ask whether my understanding of mathematical statements and

2016-04-10 Finite Mathematics:

Questioner: Nicholas   Country:British Columbia, Canada   Category:Advanced Math   Private:No   Subject:Finite Mathematics     Question:  Five teachers each attend a dance recital with one of their students


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