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I can answer almost any question from undergraduate mathematics courses.

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Recent Answers from David Hemmer

2015-01-31 Percentages:

Percent "%" means as a fraction "out of 100" So 87% is 87/100. So if you want to know what percent say .63 is then you need to write it as something over 100. The simplest way to do this is multiply it

2015-01-28 Discrete Mathematics:

I suggest you list all the elements of the power set of {a,b,c} (there are eight of them which includes the empty set.) Notice that you are juts listing all the possible subsets. Next to each set A write

2015-01-25 Scientific calculator with Touch screen display.:

Please stop asking me these ridiculous questions. I am am mathematician, why would I know anything about touch screen displays? OF course it si possible to construct a calculator with a touchscreen display

2015-01-20 Coordinate Geometry Variation,:

No I don't see why they would be interesting,if you drew a picture on a piece of paper they things plotted using this geometry would look like they would if you held it up to a mirror, or looked at it

2015-01-20 Eigenvalues an eigenvector:

Remember that a matrix represents a linear transformation, so for example your 3x3 matrix A takes as input a vector X of length 3 and outputs the vector A*X.    Eigenvectors are just 1-dimensional subspaces


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