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I can answer questions in English, German and French. Practice in inheritance law, tax, labour and contract law for private clients. Services also rendered in the fields of business & commercial law; e.g. business organizations, contracts, debt collections, leasing law. Representing clients all over Germany. NO CONSULTANCY ON FAMILY AND IMMIGRATION LAW.

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Working since 1999 in the forenamed fields. Henning Haarhaus` experience includes services in the legal department of Roedl & partner, the biggest tax consultancy firm of German origin. Appointed Bar Certified Tax Law Practioner in 2007.


Bar Association of Berlin, KIWANIS



German licensed lawyer and bar certified tax specialist

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2016-11-12 question on deduction of alimoney from german taxes:

Child support is not tax deductible if the paying parent claims for a tax exemption for children (Kinderfreibetrag) or if he receives child allowances for the child (Kindergeld). For parents of older children

2016-09-15 "Quellensteuer für Steuerausländer":

German national tax law does not provide any regulations in regard to "Quellensteuer". However, the German Korean Double Taxation Agreement stipulates the following in Art 12 concerning license fees. I

2016-09-02 Inheritance:

Unless otherwise stipulated in your uncles or his partners will his estate had merged with the estate of his partner after his death. After the death of the partner only his respective blood relatives

2016-08-22 Secondment to Germany from UK:

I cannot tell you if it would turn out to be a win-win scenario for you because I do not know the British system.    As you said, under certain conditions EU citizens can stay in the health insurance of

2016-07-18 Is there still an inheritance?:

Upon the deathof an individual his successor diectly steps into the shoes of the deceased in regard to his/ her ownership titles andliabilities unless the inheritance has been waived by declaration to


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