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I can answer just about any question concerning the shows charactors ,story lines,guest stars and even charactor lines.

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I have seen every episode of this show at least 10x and have read just about any book I could find about the show. I think the show was great and I enjoy trivia about the show.


B.S. from Mercy College

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2015-12-12 The Brady Bunch Question:

Good question. I think there are a few reasons for such things. First , shows like the Brady Bunch are no longer around. Can you think of any shows that are really like it ? So the show is an oddity but

2013-05-31 Brady Bunch Episode 1:

Eli- There was no name given in the credits. Since the person had no spoken lines it is not uncommon to not mention the person in the credits. In my opinion the person in the picture was likely a cast

2013-05-27 Brady Kids in Concert:

Phil- During the shows run there were alot of such concerts held. Many in the California area since the show was filmed there. I however do not know any exact dates. I would say however that they did not

2013-05-05 Brady bunch commercial:

Jenna- I can't believe that such a thing would be a commercial but I could definitely see such a thing as some type of parody . I also found it funny that you never saw a toilet in the show. The subject

2012-08-16 Good Time Music lyrics:

Hi Julie- "Let me hear some of that good time music, that I like to hear. I have plenty of blues and sort of bad news and I need to find me some cheer"        If you want to see the song sung you can go


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