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I am such a Brady Bunch fan I frighten my family sometimes. My children often have to remind me that it`s just a show. I can tell you which episode it is by the opening scene. I have atleast 30 episodes on video and Christmas just isn`t Christmas without "A Very Brady Christmas" on while we decorate the tree.

Experience in the area

I have seen each episode of The Brady Bunch no less than 50 times. I have watched every Brady special atleast five times.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to learn that another generation of kids everywhere will learn valuable values the Brady Bunch has to offer.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

That Susan Olsen "Cindy" was the only actor Sherwood Schwartz was 100% sure of hiring.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

That Robert Reed hated being on the show and was so drunk on the last episode he was not included and was almost thrown off the set.

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Recent Answers from Kammie Barton

2009-10-19 Reed:

He was against it almost from the start. He thought it would be a different type show & wanted more input when it wasn't. He hoped it wouldn't get picked up & wanted out when it did. He felt it was beneath

2007-01-04 fourth brady girl in the beginning?:

Sorry but there was never a fourth Brady daughter. You're probably remembering the ad stunt when the Brady Bunch first started airing on TVLand. They did commericals where they popped an obnoxious little

2006-12-31 Favorite Episode:

My favorite episode is probably the one where Tiger steals Kitty Carryall and Bobby's kazoo because it's pretty realistic about how siblings accuse one another of things. Though Greg's "exact words" episode

2006-11-12 quote about family:

I can't think of a clever quote for a yearbook off the top of my head. My favorite "family" quote is the one at the end of the pilot where Mike says "The whole bloomin' Brady Bunch" and a series is born

2006-08-17 Brady Bunch book?:

I actually use 2 books when looking for confirmation of answers. I have "Growing Up Brady...I was a teenage Greg" by Barry Williams (Greg) and "The Brady Bunch Files" by Lauren Johnson. The one by Barry


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