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This is my favorite show in the world. Well, one of them. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and randomly use quotes from the show in my daily life and receive odd looks from the recipients. I can help you with anything you want to know about the actual story lines on the show: characters, quotes, timeline, relationships, families, etc. However, even though I do know that Rachel wore the same sweater twice in season seven, I do NOT know where you can purchase it or any other costumes, paintings or props from the show. I know some of what was going on in the personal lives of the actors' during the 10 years the show ran, but I haven't kept track of them since the show ended.

Experience in the area

I have my own website about the show and I'm very proud of it, though it hasn't been maintained since the show ended. (When I changed e-mail addresses, my account here ended up getting suspended and I just re-opened it which is the reason for the low amount of questions I've been asked.)


What does my education have to do with "Friends"?? I'm an elementary school teacher currently finishing up my Master's.

What do you like about this subject?

I love to watch the "Friends" dating each other. Chandler and Monica are the best, but I have nothing against Ross and Rachel.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I always wanted to go a taping of an episode...

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2012-07-06 Monica's pickle jar:

You know, I thought that I remembered someone asking me about this once. Lo and behold, I found it! Someone contacted me in 2006, looking to buy this pickle jar. I sent her a message to see if she was

2011-10-19 live Audience:

Hi, Red,     You are both right. "Friends" did have a live audience, but they also used laugh tracks in editing if the audience didn't react right. (This is on the Season 6 DVD's special features.) The

2011-09-29 Phoebe - Season 10:

Hi, Louise,     Unfortunately I was only able to find a very small image of the scene you're talking about. You can find it here:

2010-04-21 picture of Rachel's room:

Hi, Kayla,     I think I have a vague memory of the picture you're talking about. So far, I've just looked through my website to see if I have any pictures of it up there. No luck. I'm pretty sure all

2010-03-17 Zebra poster:

Hi, Kasper,     I get asked a lot about various props from the show, especially the posters. I'm really very sorry, but I don't know where to find any of them. I've tried doing some searches in the past


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