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I am a big fan of the show and have been since day one. I`ve seen every episode dozens of times and have most of them on tape. I can help you with questions about the show and will do my best to help you in any way I can.

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Jessica Thibodeaux08/08/03101010Thanks Barry, that's a very prompt answer .....
Martina08/07/03101010You're a life saver!!! Thank you!!!
Ivo05/22/03101010Very fast response!! Thank you!!

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2007-09-09 friends couch:

Hi Rebecca,        Sorry, but I really don't know what happened to the couch or where to find one like it. I imagine the couch they used is in storage, or possibly in a set museum that they have there

2004-09-07 Ross:

Hi Michael,       The high school question is real popular for some reason. You are the third person in a week to write me about that. Lol. The three went to Lincoln High School. I am guessing by "second

2003-08-08 Background audience laughter:

Hi!,       I can guarantee that "Friends" is definitley filmed live before a studio audience. I have also heard that sometimes, in the editing process after the show is taped, they might cut off laughter

2003-05-22 season finale 5-15-03:

Hi Molly,       Your right. There wasn't much after that. It was pretty quick. Rachel opened the door. Joey stepped in and they started to kiss, and the door slowly closed. That was the end. It was a great

2003-04-22 Need Info:

Hi Nils,          The perfect place to go is Tv Tome at Press on "All Shows" and go down to "F". You could also just type in the name of the show and it will take you directly to the page


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