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I can answer any questions about the friends television show .I have every single episode on DVD and I know everything about every episode and can describe each character without even thinking .I don't know much about the actors outside of the show, though of course I know their names .I can answer questions about the episodes, the characters, their personalities,lines, quotes, relationships (inside the show) basically anything .Although I don't know much about the merchandise or where to get it from I do know the words to the theme tune and how long in real life each episode represents.

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I have every episode of friends there ever was on DVD.I watch about 4 episodes a day, if not more. I know all the words to the theme tune because I watch it so often. I know anything about any episode. I also have the friends trivia game ( which I always win at) and several books on friends. I have been known to watch a whole box of friends in a day and watch it all day non stop from the moment I wake yup to the moment I go to sleep. I will just have tea watching it! Friends is my favourite TV show ever and I know more about it than an average person would.


I went to collage and I am now a barrister .I went to a private school when I was younger and I can't think of anything else .

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