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This is my favorite show in the world. Well, one of them. I have every episode (all 201) on tape and have seen each of them many times. I can answer any question about the show. I don`t know much about the actors, but can certainly try to find out for you!

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I once maintained my own website about the series. It still exists, but I don't work on it anymore. ;-)

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"Home Improvement" always cracked me up! The boys are about the same ages as my sisters and I, so it was always fun to watch them. I was very depressed when Jonathan left the show and then it was ended.

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It would be awesome if I could meet any of the stars. Imagine how I felt when I heard that they had been three hours away from me filming in Traverse City and no one told me!!! :-(

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Michigan colleges sent in sweatshirts to the show in hopes that Tim would wear it. He always wore a different one each episode, favoring Western Michigan, where he went.

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brandon08/11/12101010thank you for trying
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Hi, Fran,     I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I guess I'd say that Tim and Jill have a very healthy marriage (they fight, but are clearly in love and always make-up) and they parent with an authoritarian


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