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I`m a big Bundyfan for years. You can ask me any questions about the actors, the episodes, background information - or anything else! I hope I can aswer all your questions!

What do you like about this subject?

I love everything about the Bundys. It was the best sitcom ever made.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Even more about the Bundys.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Too much for writing it down

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Beatriz06/03/13101010Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
Kristyn03/14/11101010Oh my God thank you so much! .....
Alan02/09/11101010Thanks for your incredible knowledge!

Recent Answers from Daniel

2013-05-31 Psyco Dad:

Dear Beatriz!    Psycho Dad was mentioned in the following episodes.    501 - Al... With Kelly   621 - Teacher Pets  813 - The Worst Noel  823 - Kelly Knows Something  913 - I Want My Psycho Dad (part

2012-05-25 Song from married with children:

Dear Sean!    I know that song but the only thing I can tell you is, that this song was never on any episode.  Since there have been a lot of songs in the show I'm sorry I can't help you to find the episode

2011-06-02 The Bundy's interior set.:

Dear Rosie!    The set has never been used in any other show.  Maybe you've seen a clip of the MWC Reunion Show - there the built up the set once again and the actors speak about their favorite moments

2011-03-15 Props:

Hi Ki!    Props from the set are not for sale.  They are all kept by Sony in their warehouses.    But smaller props, like wardrobe and such things can be bought. Although you must have luck to find those

2011-02-18 enemies:

Hi bikerz!    I already answerd the questions some time age (05/08/09 - Song in background).  I just can give you the same answer:    ----------------------  I just watched the episode and I don't know


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