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Hi!. I`m a huge Bundy fan and have been since day one!. I have every single episode on tape!. I`m knowledged in all things Bundy and would love to help you with a question or just to talk. Write me!.

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2010-12-10 bundy reunion:

Tony,    I would love to see one too. They did have a 1 hour reunion special a few years after the show ended. The cast gathered on the reconstructed set and talked and showed clips. As for an actual reunion

2010-03-07 MWC seasons, etc.:

Hi Blaine,    Yes, most regular television seasons are from September to May, but every September to May show  has a few hiatuses during the season to stretch it to May.     I really couldn't say how much

2007-03-28 Not sure!:

Hi Ellen,      Seasons 7 thru 11 have not "officially" been released on DVD yet by the studio, and there has been no news on when they will. As for the episode you asked about, it was episode #192, "No

2007-03-01 Salaries:

Hi Geoff,       I can't answer most of your questions. Their salaries were not made public most of the time, and nothing is to be found doing online searches. The only thing I do know, having heard it

2006-08-21 Who hung up the phone???:

Hi David,       It sounds like the episode where everyone thinks Bud was crazy and Al couldn't do anything because he was on hold on the phone. It was Kelly who hung up the phone when she saw it laying


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