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I am an addict for the show, and can say the lines 5 seconds before the actors do. I can identify the season the show was made in by the camera angle of the opening credits and the way the theme music starts. I even conned my way into the Smithsonian exhibit of the set. Yeah, I`m a fan...

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Just a lifetime addiction to one of the best shows on TV

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Brett12/16/12101010Thanks for the help.
Bob11/17/12101010Hey Captain Tuttle, thanks for your quick .....
David Nale08/19/12101010 
Chris04/22/12101010Thanks. I wish I could give more .....

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2012-11-15 autographed lithograph:

Bob...     I collect autographs, and the man I trust to authenticate my stuff is JD Bardwell...    He knows his stuff... I would contact

2012-09-27 Cease-fire episode goof?:

Hey, Debbye...    I do know the moment you are talking about... I have always taken it that Gen. Clayton knew there was no cease fire, and the note was the official confirmation... I don't think it was

2012-04-03 Missing patient:

do you remember anything else about the episode? subplots, maybe? I am honestly stumped by this... my only other guess is the episode late in the show's run when Klinger was running a high fever with a

2012-03-10 Missing patient:

Chris...     Are you talking about the soldier from Luxembourg that they think is dead, only to have him wander out of the post-op in several casts and bandages during his memorial service?      Tuttle

2011-05-26 trying to find an answer:

Robert...     I think you have two episodes confused... The one you are naming lines from was very early in the show.. Season One, Episode 14.. It was called "Love Story"... Radar gets a Dear John letter


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