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I can answer questions about all seasons, episodes and characters. Army regulations etc. are my weak point.

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I have all 11 seasons of MASH on DVD. Though I've only been an avid fan of the show for a few years; I'm forever watching and rewatching. I have a solid knowledge of the people, plotlines, and quotes.


Graduated High School, completed a University Degree in Social Sciences.

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Robert05/27/11101010Lisa, thank you. My friend and myself .....
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Iain01/06/101010Knowledgeability suffered as by her own admission .....

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2015-10-06 Blake and Winchester:

Hi John,    I think that's highly unlikely. Winchester was a stickler for the rules, and for order, while Blake did not take himself so seriously. They may have had a moment or two of mutual respect -

2015-03-18 M.A.S.H. The Miller Sisters:

Hi Robert, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you, I have been convalescing from an injury.    Anyway! I assume you're referring to the Season 1 finale 'Showtime'. This was a fictitious group

2013-02-27 Miller Sisters Songs:

Hi James.    I guess it depends on what's the best course of action for you. There are definitely CDs available with the music of The Miller Sisters. You can find them on iTunes, or there are some CDs

2012-11-18 STAR BEER:

Hi John, I apologise for the delay in my response. I searched for Star Beer and found a website. According to their 'About' Section, Star Beer was originally manafactured in Nigeria in the 1940's, and

2012-07-03 rank:

Hi John,    When I was answering your recent question I realised that I'd never responded to your follow-up questions. I'm sorry, I have no idea how that happened.    If you are still interested, Hawkeye


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