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i can answer all moesha and brandy questions,

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i have been collecting brandy stuff and keeping up with her life even before thea came out so i know all ya need

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binky10/18/07101010Thank you!

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2007-01-03 moeshe question:

This would have to be up to production of the show. Hopefully this will happen, however currently there is no definite answer to this question. I would suggest writing them or creating a petition. Maybe

2005-03-28 new info about this question:

127. Paying the Piper   gs: Sheryl Lee Ralph (Dee Mitchell) Lahmard Tate (Jerome) Bree Turner (Brenda) Lil' Kim (Diamond) Alexis Fields (Alicia) Theron "Chico" Benymon (Lamont) Chris "Dirty Rat" Reese

2005-03-27 :

No one really knows because it is unclear whether she actually had sex or not (remeber this was a family television show. Honestly my guess is Q as her first then Hakeem when they got back together after

2005-03-26 :

The writers dont make it clear but suggest that she and q slept together. There was also an episode where they also want you to believe that she slept with Hakeem

2005-02-23 Moesha:

It was cancelled because Brandy was ready to focus more on her music. She also wanted to try different things in order to grow and to allow her image to grow as well. Its great that you still watch it


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