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Any and all questions about this marvelous show can and will be answered. Show statistics, obscure riffs, running gags, general history, whatever. Any query you may have I can answer, and if for some reason I can't I can direct you to a source that can. "Where are they now"-type questions are more difficult for me, but trivia or general knowledge about the show itself is definitely my forte.

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Although I became a fan rather late in the show's run, in mid-1997 (it was cancelled for good in 1999) I was enthralled enough to catch up on what I had missed, keeping abreast of news, researching its history, watching older episodes, the works. Some episodes I have seen so many times I have parts of them memorized. My knowledge of the show from both factual and analytical viewpoints is enough that I'm considering writing a comprehensive history/critical analysis of the series, though I won't be undertaking it anytime soon.


There is no degree in MST3K of course, but I do have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Indianapolis, from which I graduated summa cum laude. Not that that really has any bearing on my expertise in this field, but there you have it.

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