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I can answer any question you have about Saved by the Bell in the high school years as well as the college years! I have seen every episode and it is one of my favorite shows, I know pretty much everything there is to know about it! However, I can't answer anything at all on the New Class. And Good Morning Miss Bliss I know a very little bit about, but not very much. So please ask me anything on the high school years, college years, and even the TV movies Wedding in Las Vegas & Hawaiian Style. I can even answer questions about the cast memebers then (such as on-screen relationships, etc) and now (what they're doing now, husbands/wives, etc). I'd be more than happy to help you anytime! :) Also, please do not ask me about locations of filming or songs on the show! Thank you.

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I know everything about this show! It's my favorite! I have seen every episode many times & I have all of the high school years, college years, and 2 movies on DVD.


I play soccer.


Currently a junior high school.

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Honor Roll, Most Improved Player on JV Volleyball team Freshman year.

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I love Saved by the Bell! It is my favorite show. I have seen every high school year & college year episode and have them all on DVD :)

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Recent Answers from Danielle

2011-10-11 Kelly and Zack:

Hi Kristine  Sorry it took so long to write back. My internet connection was down.  Kelly cheated on Zack because he was cute and flirty with her. And she liked that he was mature and she just fell for

2010-11-30 Balloon Episode:

Hi Mike,   I've looked everywhere online and looked at episode descriptions for all the episodes and I couldn't find one where they blew up balloons for volleyball. So I don't think there is one like that

2010-10-07 zack and Lisa:

Hi Teresa!  1) For this question, I'm not sure if you meant did Zack and Lisa or did their actor's have an outside relationship during the Wedding in Las Vegas. Their characters did not ever have a relationship

2010-09-15 saved by the bell:

Hi Will,   First of all I'm really sorry this question took so long to answer. My computer crashed and I was unable to check my email for a while. I usually do not take so long to answer questions.  Anyways

2010-03-10 Zack T-shirt:

Hi Alan,  I did some research to see if I could fine anything about it being a movie or a TV show or etc and I didn't find anything. So I believe that it was just made up for the show.  Thanks for asking


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