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I am the king of this show. I know many questions that leave even the top experts scratching their heads. Call me a freak, but I grew up with the show, and it still brings a lot of good memories. Have a question? Ask away... Note: I do not know things such as set information, where things were shot, etc. Only information about the show on television.

What do you like about this subject?

I grew up with it, and still love it!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Nothing. I am already at the top!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Weird little details about the show.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Hehe, just ask.

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IMENE02/10/10ok. Thank you anyway.
Catherine04/29/091010Thanks anyway!

Recent Answers from Zach G

2010-10-07 zack and Lisa:

Although it's all rumors, all the cast members (excluding Dustin Diamond) dated throughout the show.  You really can see chemistry here and though, however, you're right about that!  They actually talk

2010-02-21 Song from Wedding in Las Vegas:

Hi there, the song is written by allen sovory, but was written by Jay Gruska and Paul Gorden.  I don't believe it was ever released and still likely owned by NBC.  Too bad, I love the song!  You can find

2009-04-29 Question:

CRAP!  Ok.  I know it was (I THINK) 90 for Bayside, and Valley 180.  The last questions were 30 points each to tie the score at 180, and I THINK the last one was too?  So it would have been 210 to 180?

2009-04-08 Question:

Good eye!  Drumrine Motors, huh...I'm going to look for it.    Joanna, Jennifer, Mindy...MINDYS...FINE. Hahaha.  They settle on Mindy.    Here's one for ya, since your name is SBTB King ;-) -- what is

2009-04-02 Question:

Hmm, I remember it was Japanese related.  Good question, I'm stumped!  I might have to cheat and look at my DVD.  Give me another good one like that!


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