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Ask me anything about the high school years, and I'll know it. I might be able to pull something out of a hat for The College Years, but ask me about The New Class and you're dead to me :) Just a quick note: I know nothing about the songs. Don't know who sang them, don't know if they're real, don't know the names.

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I've been watching this show for over two decades. I've even done several school projects on it. Don't hate; you WISH you could have done a presentation on Saved by the Bell


Are you really concerned that I might not have enough education to answer SBTB questions? :-)

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Amanda10/26/09101010Great job! Thank you!
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2011-10-11 Kelly and Zack:

Let's see...    There was never a real answer.  It seems to me that Kelly was feeling a bit of pressure with the expectations of Zack and prom and the pressure of trying to help out her family which affected

2010-10-07 zack and Lisa:

I don't know what pictures you have, but there is a Facebook group called Zack Morris & Lisa Turtle Shippers that has both screenshots of the characters Zack & Lisa, and pictures of Mark-Paul and Lark

2010-03-16 Zack Attack:

Jessie's absence was not explained for that episode or "All In the Mall" (where the gang sleeps at the mall trying to be first in line to purchase U2 tickets), however Elizabeth Berkley seriously injured

2009-10-22 battle of the sexes:

I believe the girls team had "Be True To Your School" (A bee + something in between + a school building, which Ginger confused with "Little House On the Prairie") and the boys team had "Honor Thy Principal"

2008-07-28 Zack and Kelly:

Weeell, that's kind of weird.  In the clip show "Isn't It Romantic," (airdate of 10.24.92) it's kind of hinted that Zack & Kelly are back together (she expected that the roses he had were for her, talking


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