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I am a native Finn, able to answer almost all kinds of questions related to customs, habits, tradition, tourism, rules and regulations, nightlife, living, habits, culture and much more. I would be happy to help.

Experience in the area

Lifelong experience of living in Finland.


BBA in 2008

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I am a true expert in this particular field as I am a native. I love my homecountry and will gladly share all the positive things with you all.

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Shantina03/27/171010Thank you for your effort Evelyn. I .....
Putri01/03/17101010Good afternoon, Evelyn! I cannot thank you .....
Roger05/28/16101010Excellent service, thank you very much

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2017-03-21 Please Assist:

Dear Shantina,    Unfortunately I am not able to help you on this one. In order to find the right person I need a full street address or full birth date. I checked Facebook, internet, LinkedIn and also

2017-03-21 Please Assist:

Dear Shantina,    I surely will try my best to help you finding an important person =)  If you need a street address etc I need the full name and either birth date, former full address or birth city.

2016-11-10 Surname:

Good day Daniel,    Thank you for your message. I stumbled upon a lot of information on the internet regarding the surname Hookana! =)  but it's all in Finnish so I'll translate it for you. I believe that

2016-07-25 Finding a Former Classmate in Finland:

Hi Brian!    I would gladly help you in trying to locate your old friend! 😊 The first source I usually use when trying to locate a person is the population registry center. Do you want the details

2016-07-09 Why would mother be happy that she has a daughter:

Dear sender,    This question doesn't relate to Finland and the answer to this is not based on fact but on opinion.  I have also replied to your previous questions that were exactly the same. I hope you


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