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I can help mostly with episode names and their story arcs for each character. I can assist with nearly anything else, as I am constantly studying the show and watch it almost daily. I used to feel embarrassed by my fascination with this show but not anymore. I want to become a reputable expert on the series. So far, I know a lot about the different story arcs and episode titles; for instance the episode "Little Kicks" where Elaine shows off her horrid dancing abilities, is also the episode where Jerry encounters a bootlegger, one of Kramer's friends, Brodie, who hits him up to pirate a copy of "Cry Cry Again".

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I watch the episodes regularly and with great frequency. If I am asked a question, I am online all day and love the series so much, that I will find the answer.



B.A. Communication

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I love the place in time in which Seinfeld is captured. The funny situations that happen in most all our lives are the focal point of Seinfeld humor, which is probably why I can enjoy watching the series regularly. Anytime I move to a new city, I always find comfort and familiarity in watching Seinfeld.

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