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I own all the DVDs, and have watched all of the special features and commentaries on all the episodes, most of them several times. I have whole sections of dialouge memorized as well as knowing a lot of little details. I'm good at placing a random quote, character, or scene, into its correct episode and season. I can also fill you in on all details of any minor character that ever appeared on the show or any answer any minor triva-type questions. However, I don't know much about the actor's real lives, or products seen on the show.

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Leonard02/23/111010Brilliant response, Ariela. Your words "you're allowed .....
Steve 10/28/10101010Many thanks. Very helpful Steve
Mike03/02/09101010great job! thanks

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2013-08-04 too good episode:

Hi Steve,    I'm pretty sure you're referring to the episode "The Van Buren Boys" episode 148 from Season 8, this is the episode where he dates the girl who he thinks is perfect and he begins to worry

2012-09-08 kramer's horse:

Hi Dave,    I apologize for the delay. For some reason I just got the email about your question. To answer, the horse in this episode ("The Subway" season 2, episode 30) was named Pappanick. Please let

2011-06-07 Jerry's sister:

Hi Bonnie,    Yes, you are correct. Jerry does refer to a sister in this episode, and it's the only reference to her:    Jerry: "Oh my god, Lorraine... that's Lorraine from my uncle's office. I'm in big

2011-02-22 What to say to someone who doesn't like Seinfeld?:

Hi Leonard,    This is a little outside of the usual type of questions I answer here, and I can only give you my personal opinion and thoughts on the matter. I think there is some depth to the characters

2011-01-20 Dancing:

Hi Edgar,    I think you're referring to the clip where Elaine, George and Jerry are dancing on their way into the prison. You are correct that this was just a blooper scene, done for fun, that did not


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