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I can answer most questions with an emphasis on character names, but I am not particularly very good with dates, seasons or number-specific trivia.

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Ross Viles12/13/13101010Thanks Rob! The scene where George starts .....
Steve 10/27/10101010Thank you, Steve
rob12/15/041010Thanks Dude, I found the other answers .....
rob04/12/04101010People like Rob are why I love .....
Crystal Austin11/18/03101010thanks

Recent Answers from Rob Alexander

2013-12-13 What episode is it?:

Hey Ross,    Classic episode you reference.  The episode was named "The Fatigues" wherein George had to give a lecture on Risk Management.  The Mentor was another subplot of the episode that included an

2011-02-10 Tonight Show:

I think I remember what you are talking about, but not exactly sure they were on the same day during the particular episodes.  Sometimes they cram several days of "reality" into each episode so it flows

2010-02-19 THE SWITCH:

Mike,    Not sure if there's an actual movie the episode is based on.  I did a thorough search and can find no such references.  There are certain scenes however that have that old school film noir feeling

2007-10-25 Elaine evading a question.:

Hello Julie,    If I am not mistaken, you are referring to the episode called "The Couch" in which Elaine went out with a furniture moving guy and the topic "Elaine was avoiding" was asking her new beau

2005-03-24 seinfeld:

I don't remember an episode like you're describing involving Jerry, but I do remember such an episode involving Kramer. He was dating a woman he did not want to spend the night with because he preferred


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