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I`m not that great with specific titles or dates but I do tend to gather more information than the average person about the real names and other work by actors in all shows, especially a show like this one that I`ve innumerable times.

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Steve 10/28/10101010Many thanks. Very helpful Steve

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2011-05-13 Seinfeld:    An excellent episode. I love the initial exchange with the man that answers the phone at the Chinese restaurant, especially when she asks if it is the first

2010-10-27 Did George have a brother?:

George doesn't mention a brother in later episodes. The episode you referenced is pretty early on in Seinfeld's run, and Seinfeld, like many other television shows, mentions a sibling it never referenced

2007-07-16 Seinfeld & Steinbrenner jokes:

Wow... I didn't have access to my e-mail for quite some time (and to be honest I don't rely on it very much) and I totally missed this question. I'm really, really, really sorry. I hope that you've found

2007-04-15 audiences:

Sorry I took so long to respond. I just started a new job and haven't had time to look at my e-mail.    I'm not 100% sure what you mean. Almost all of the episodes had some of the scenes filmed in front

2007-03-04 george:

I'm really sorry I took so long to answer this; I just don't check my e-mail that often.    This specific episode ("The Strongbox") is one of the final Seinfeld episodes. It aired in season 9 and here


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