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Most experienced for Paris, Loire Valley, Provence, Dordogne, Alsace, Burgundy, Normandy and Reims/Champagne Country. Terry likes helping travelers get trip "flow and pacing" right so your adventure is neither . . . a bore, NOR a blur! Make sure your timing works, fitting your interests, tastes, personal experiences and needs. Terry has planned and done great trips to the Baltics, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Norway, Turkey and Switzerland, plus South America and Cuba. Did wonderful April, 2007, week in Paris, summer 2008 southern England trip, summer 2010 fjords/North Cape, Norway coast, etc. Has visited twenty=two different countries in Europe. You can check out our Norway coast/fjords adventure with lots of great pictures from last summer at: This live/blog has gotten nearly 52,000 views. For Villefranche, ports in Italy and along the the Croatian coast, you can check this live/blog. We are now at 42,762 views here. France is great, but these other parts of the Europe are wonderful, too!!!

Experience in the area

There is much post 9-11-2001 worry about travel to Europe, but all reports and experiences say things are fine, with proper care and planning. From wide travels in many parts of Europe in 2005- 2008, my personal experiences are that things are good there and reasonably behaving Americans are treated well. See, enjoy the world and experience its great diversity! I have visited 20 countries in Europe and know that there's lots there to see and do. PROVIDE KEY BACKGROUND INFORMATION with QUESTION: To help me answer your questions better, please provide some info on your past France/Europe travel experiences, ages, general budget range, personal travel style/interests, number in your party, what you most want to enjoy and see, etc.


Ohio State University grad

What do you like about this subject?

France has it all! Great food, history, sites and sights, architecture, art, wine, diversity, museums, countrysides, coasts, mountains, hills, etc.. Today it is ONE country, but historically it has much more variety and so many different interests and styles. Like the United States, it is large, with such a variety of fascinating details.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Everything! There is so much to learn, see and enjoy. It is hard to soak it all up in just one or two trips. Plus with the vast diversity within the different areas and regions, that adds to what can be learned on each different visit to France.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There is the worry that the French are rude. That has NOT been our experience. YES, the French are proud of their past and are busy living their daily lives. We are GUESTS in THEIR country and should act accordingly. Don't get uppity because they don't speak English or fail to respond to the pushy game of me! and I want it right now!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Even if you don't speak French, use some basic words. French appreciate that effort! Many know some English, but are not experts in speaking it well. Do your homework/preparation in advance. Have a written page with your destintions address/hotel name. It is easier to see it, than trying to listen!

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Hi, again, Ann!    Sorry for my delay in following up.      YES, that total of ONLY five days is what worries me.  Lots to do and see in and around Provence, including  lavender fields, Mediterranean swimming


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