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I live in Paris and I usually know what happens in my town concerning museums, theatre, music but also where to have a great hot chocolate or a nice walk in town. I have no direct knowledges for hotels (except their site).

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John03/06/16101010Thank you so much!

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2016-11-14 Paris day trip from London:

Hello  you will arrive Garde du Nord  if you want to visit the eiffel tower and then le louvre and orsay (tegre are big, iw will davice to see jacquemart andré and ahev a lunch there)  the best choice

2016-10-04 December in France:

Hello  around Paris you can visit vaux le vicomte or Versailles, I think thera are special events at this time of year  there is also chantilly where thereis  a nice horses show and a beautiful castle

2016-03-03 Metro and RER Tickets:

Hello  you can use US credit card  TO go to the airport from Etoile you can also sue les bus air france  I advise you depending on your time scedule to take them it will be direct to the airport    For

2014-12-04 Touring and shopping in Paris:

Hello Lubna    for shopping places  the usuals : Printemps Galeries Lafayette  but also  around les Halles, Le Marais and rue des Martyrs    avoid cars, parking is a nightmare in Paris ! buses and metro

2014-05-27 Clothes in France:

Hello Stephen  if it is a public school : a jean/ khaki with pullover or  a shirt with a jacket is OK. You do not need a tie but you have to avoid too baggy clothes or too distressed pants.  if it is a


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