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regional tour guide for the region twenty years experience as a guide in england and france resident in troyes for ten years historian by training love of the area and all things french

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Amber03/27/14101010Thank you so much!
Amber03/27/14101010You've given me something to work with .....
paula11/23/13101010Quick turn around. The suggestions appear interesting .....

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2014-08-16 All inclusive:

Hello,       Have you tried Club Med?    If this isn't what

2013-08-21 Restaurants/ Bistros in Paris:

Hello,       there's a wealth of good restaurants in Montmartre. You should maybe try the following:    La Mascotte Rue des Abbesses It had good seafood    La Bonne Franquette 2 Rue Des Saules    Chez

2013-03-25 History of the eiffel tower:

Hello,      I hope this answeres your question     The Eiffel tower in Paris was built for an Exhibition in celebration of the French Revolution. Construction began earnestly in 1884 and about 2 years

2012-08-29 Package unknown location:

Hello,       I'd take action as quickly as possible. I'd be very surprised that French customs have it but you could try contacting them in Toulouse 05 62 15 12 20. The USPS does have a tracking service

2012-08-29 Package unknown location:

Hello,       unless you've been notified that it's being held by the customs there's no point contacting them. Your sister needs to contact the delivery service in the US to see if it had a tracking number


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