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I can answer questions concerning the following areas of Christianity: - True Christian Doctrine - Difficult concepts to grasp including: the Trinity, inerrancy of the Bible, salvation by grace alone, controversial sayings of Jesus throughout the NT, does the Bible contradict itself, and spiritual warfare. - What it means to be a true Christ Follower rather than just a believer. - Catholicism - Questions related to other sects that claim to be Christian but have widely varying views and beliefs that differ from Evangelical Christianity. - Young Life (high school age Christian program) I also can help recommend reading material on various issues people face in this world, whether a Christ follower or not. Why bad things happen to good people, How to walk with God, understanding scripture, Jesus in our workplaces, spiritual warfare, brokenness, testing of the spirits, etc.

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I've been a Christian for 29 years. My wife and I are members of an evangelical Church and we have taught and hosted many bible studies, men/women groups. I have learned throughout my 29 years of being a Christ Follower to rely solely on the Bible for the single Truth source of Christianity. I also recognize that there is a plethora of extra-biblical (yet Bible based) resources available that help us grow in our knowledge of and intimacy with Christ that I can help guide you toward.


Bachelor of Science from Case Western Reserve University. Minor in Religious Studies with special concentration on Judaism.

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Hi Ryan - thanks for your question.  On your first question, in 1 Timothy, Paul does provide "qualifications" for a deacon, and the mention of "husband to one wife" does suggest marriage as a requirement

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Hi again Amanda - I'm sorry you're troubled by this.  Rest assured though. If you have confessed Jesus as your savior and believe in your heart that he died for ALL your sins then you are secure.  The

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Hi Amanda - thank you for your question.  My apologies for taking a while to reply, it's been a busy couple weeks leading up to the holiday weekend.  Your first question, can we out sin God, the answer

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Hi Barney - thanks for the follow up.  Sorry about the cloudiness on the marriage topic.  Your first question about why God has placed blinders on the Jewish people, other than what I wrote in my previous


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